Kalo Varieties

Which variety of kalo is the best? The one that's in the bowl on the table. - Jerry Konanui, Hawaiian Mahi‘ai

Use As Food

Table taro of excellent quality.


A little known variety, found in home plots on Maui.

General Characteristics

Short, stiffly erect, stocky, maturing within 9 to 12 months, producing from 5 to 10 ‘ohā; characterized by short, stocky growth, broad, horizontal, crinkled leaves, and light green coloring of the Hā (Petiole).

Ha (Petiole)

40 to 55 cm, long, light green with inconspicuous, light greenish edge, a white area for 3 to 5 cm, above kōhina (base).

Lau or Lu'au(Leaf Blade)

35 to 50 cm. long, 30 to 40 cm. wide, 30 to 40 cm. from tip to base of sinus (māwae), broadly egg-shaped (ovate), almost horizontal, somewhat crinkled but not cupped, dark green; piko yellowish; round leaf section (lobes) acute and usually overlapping, with medium-cut lihi māwae (sinus).

'I'o kalo (Corm)

Flesh white with yellowish fibers; skin white to cream-colored.

Pua (Flower)

Hā (peduncle) light green; flower cover (spathe) 22 to 25 cm, long, the lower tubular portion 4 to 5 cm. long, light green, the upper portion light yellow, rather tightly rolled.